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A great post :) I have an album I made of the last extended family get together which mum decided had to happen while she could still remember it. She was quite sick at the time and passed half a year later and the book used to make me howl without fail. Sometimes it still does but more often than not I can get through it now. I find now that it creeps up on you out of bloody nowhere. The other day I was in the car and turned a corner and for some reason remembered turning that exact corner with mum and the conversation we were having at the time. Its crazy. Big hugs to you and strength and love in the journey of loss. Kinda sucks monkey nuts but focusing on the future is good. And your wedding pics are fab. You look stunning. xx


Happy belated anniversary!

Some nice photos and I love that they were before the advent of digital photography.

Apropos of nothing you guys were married on my birthday.



A sweet post--but 15 years!? (Well, soon it will be 20--time is amazing!)


Lovely photos and memories~~~~ Happy Anniversary!!!

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